Customer-Friendly Refueling

Enhanced loyalty for oil companies.
Ultimate fuel budget control for fleets.

AutoMATE 4G is Roseman’s latest generation of Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) technology, featuring state-of-the-art technologies that transform refueling across the entire value chain. AutoMATE 4G puts fleet managers in control of their fleets’ fuel consumption by preventing non-authorized refueling, and enables oil companies to lock-in loyalty and drive up market share.

Fleet Managers:

Ultimate control of fuel costs.

Every year fleets lose millions of dollars due to unauthorized vehicle refueling or drive-offs. Minimize costs incurred through fraud and non-approved fueling transactions – and stay in control.

Superior control:
AutoMATE 4G enables fleet managers to keep strict control of fuel fleet consumption at all times, across their entire fleet – lowering fuel expenses and dramatically reducing incidences of fuel fraud by permitting fueling only authorized vehicles.

Real-time visibility:
AutoMATE 4G collects data on fuel consumption of each vehicle compared to actual engine hours or mileage, as well as a range of diagnostic information for almost any vehicle type – providing fleet managers with an accurate picture of fuel usage and vehicle health – across their entire fleet.

Total Security:
In the event that unauthorized fuel usage is detected, the AutoMATE 4G system automatically shuts off, preventing fuel delivery to the suspicious vehicle.

Full compatibility:
AutoMATE 4G system functions seamlessly with any POS or Forecourt Controller.

Oil Companies:

Drive profitability through a super-efficient refueling experience.

Improve loyalty of private and fleet clients, secure long-term fuel contracts with fleets and increase station throughput.

Boost customer loyalty:
Time is money. By offering a fast and efficient refueling experience – without the need for time-consuming cards, cash or coupons – oil companies can boost customer preference for their fueling stations.

Lock-in loyalty:
Oil companies can now give fleet managers the control they require, by providing an intelligent, fully secured, authorization-only AVI refueling solution that is easy to manage.

Reduce operating costs:
Engineered with full-redundancy, AutoMATE 4G reduces downtime, reducing maintenance and lowering total cost of ownership.

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Unique Advantages

AutoMATE 4G Unique Advantages Roseman’s AutoMATE 4G system offers an array of smart features designed to deliver “plug & play” installation, seamless operability and unrivalled performance.

Passive & active RFID in one package.
AutoMATE 4G supports both passive and active RFID tags in the same system. Passive tags offer low-cost durability, while active tags (with autonomous battery power unit), are more versatile and extend the solutions to heavy duty trucks and machinery. Cost-effectiveness and versatility: you no longer have to choose.

Proprietary Industrial Wireless Technology
Roseman’s Proprietary Industrial Wireless Technology is designed with one end in mind – providing secure, robust and reliable connectivity in the forecourt. Wireless standards are typically developed by multiple companies and suffer due to compromises made to accommodate all parties involved in the standardization process. For over fifteen years Roseman has been developing and deploying its proprietary industrial wireless technology for AVI solutions providing always-on connectivity that is 100% secure and never fails.

Key benefits:

  • Stronger over-the-air transmission signaling delivers greater distance and higher throughout
  • Proprietary wireless is not required to interact with standardized wireless technologies, greatly enhancing system security
  • Special encryption technology ensures data integrity and secure communications
  • Wireless signal transmission cannot be intercepted or communicated with common wireless devices that communicate via standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G.
  • Full redundancy using several WAF antennas
  • Uses 2.4GHz ISM band, for worldwide, license-free usage.

Connect to any vehicle using CANBUS/J1708/J1939
AutoMATE 4G’s advanced JAVA based controller provides superior performance and future-proof customization options. By using CANBUS/J1708/J1939 protocols, fleet managers can easily access comprehensive diagnostic data from cars to light and heavy trucks.

State of the art JavaTM-based Universal Station Controller
The heart of AutoMATE 4G system is our state-of-the-art Java based Universal Station Controller (USN). Employing the most advanced software technology and methodology, the USN offers future-proof flexibility and easy integration. The USN can be used as a stand-alone hardware appliance or integrated as software to a host PC.

Simple, fast and secure:
A quick guide to the AutoMATE 4G Identification Process
Roseman AutoMATE 4G system ensures fuel is dispensed solely to the authorized vehicle whose account should be charged. If the nozzle is removed during refueling in an attempt to refuel another vehicle, fueling activity is instantly suspended – preventing non-authorized usage.


System Components

Passive RFID Tag
Roseman tags consist of a secure chip with encrypted identification. Tags are installed next to the fuel inlet and are automatically read by the Nozzle Reader when the fueling nozzle is inserted. For superior flexibility, the system supports both passive and active tags.

Wireless Odometer Reader (optional)
The Odometer reader option gives fleet managers visibility on actual fuel consumption. The Odometer Reader connects to the vehicle computer (OBDII/j1708/j1939) or to VSS wire and collects odometer and engine hour readings.

Wireless Nozzle Reader (WNR)
The Wireless Nozzle Reader (WNR) is a small device, fitted with three RF technologies that reads the Roseman RFID tags and transfers tag information to the WAF antenna.

Weather-proof and explosion proof, the WNR is specially engineered for the harsh nozzle environment. It features a built-in tamper mechanism that detects the removal of the WNR from the nozzle, preventing unauthorized refueling.

The WNR is fitted with a replaceable battery, and no additional wiring is needed to ensure convenient installation and maintenance. The Wireless Nozzle Reader supports both 1/2″ and 1″ nozzles, and includes adapters for most common nozzle types in the market.

WAF antenna
Providing wireless coverage of the entire fuel station area, the WAF antenna communicates with the nozzle readers and the odometer readers mounted in vehicles stationed inside the forecourt. The WAF transfers data to the system controller. The WAF antenna can be installed inside the pump head or wall mounted inside an outdoor compact box or outdoor security camera housings.

Universal Station Controller (USN)
The Universal Station Controller (USN) manages the AVI system, performing the following critical functions:

  • Management of the Wireless Communication gateway controlling the WAF antennas and the forecourt devices
  • Identification and authentication of the vehicles (RFID TAG)
  • Stopping the refueling when vehicle tag is not detected
  • Reading vehicle odometer data and linking the information to RFID TAG
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the forecourt devices

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